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Modern Simple Design Sectional Fabric Sofa Lobby 5 Star Hotel Furniture

A beautiful lobby is the perfect way to welcome your guests to your luxury or modern hotel. High-end lobby furniture can be the final touch that completes the look and feel of your hotel. From comfortable seating to stylish decor, luxury and modern hotel lobby furniture can make a big statement. Whether you're looking for classic pieces or something contemporary, there is a wide range of luxury and modern hotel lobby furniture to choose from. From ornate sofas to modern lounge chairs, you'll find a design that compliments your space and fits your specific style. Investing in quality lobby furniture is the perfect way to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests.
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Modern Simple Design Sectional Fabric Sofa Lobby 5 Star Hotel Furniture

When you think of luxury hotel lobbies, modern furniture often comes to mind. Luxury hotel lobbies need to be both comfortable and stylish, and high-end furniture can make all the difference. Modern furniture pieces such as sofas, chairs, tables and cabinets can all be used to create a chic and inviting atmosphere for guests. From contemporary pieces that add a touch of sophistication to pieces that offer a more traditional look, the right luxury hotel lobby furniture can transform any space. Whether you’re looking for a few accent pieces or an entire lobby setting, modern furniture can create the perfect atmosphere to greet guests.

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Foshan maple green furniture:

Our furniture is capable of being specifically customized and fabricated to meet varying requirements. We offer a selection of hotel furniture, such as armoires, dressers, headboards, night tables, mirrors, desks, and tables, that can be customized to your needs. 

Our hotel products boast excellent design, craftsmanship, and exceptional performance that endure for years while still maintaining lower costs that are highly competitive in pricing. We consistently provide top-notch hotel furniture and other FF&E supplies at highly competitive prices. 

We strive to fulfill your hotel furniture needs, regardless of size. If you cannot find a furniture style that meets your requirements, kindly inform us, and we will create customized hotel furniture to suit almost any style.

Company Information:

Foshan Maple Green furniture Co., Ltd,located in the famous "Furniture City",specializes in design, manufacture of hotel bedroom ,restaurant and customized furniture. We have more than 30 years experience in producing hotel furniture.

Maple green firmly believes that "quality is the soul of the enterprise",which will,in return,continue to carry forward the enterprise spirit of "unity, pragmatism, innovation, struggle and development", adhering to the belief.We always give it our best to serve customers with the best service in order to achieve development and win-win relationship with our clients.

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Modern Simple design Sectional Fabric Sofa lobby 5 star hotel furniture
ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CQC, CCEL
1) Based Material for casegood furniture: Plywood/MDF with natural veneer and Technology veneer,Melamine,Laminate
2) Fabric/PU leather: High-grade fabric/PU leather provide from Seller's side; ( Fire retardant, SR 50,000 rub ).
3) Foam:Fire Retardant meets CA117 and BS5852 standard
4) Solid wood:ruber wood,Ash wood,Oak wood,Teak wood.
5) Lacquer: High scratch-resistant and environment-friendly finishing.
6) Hardware:DTC,Blum,hafele,etc.
7) S.S:Grade 201,301,304 and 316 stainless steel
8) All joint ensured to be tight and uniform before shipping.
9) Special treatment of acid and alicikl resistance, insect prevention and anti-corrsion.
Fit with room design/ Any size customized
10 pcs
Delivery time
T/T 30% deposit, T/T 70% balance before shipment, L/C,  Alibaba on line
Custom process
Give the suggest to you(if you need)-----make the furniture proposal based on your layout plan(if you need)----make the exactly
quotation list----confirm the contract----- provide the fabric and wooden samples------make the shop drawings for each item ----
confirm all the samples and drawings-----start to produce the goods----- examine the goods on line------Loading the good

1.Bring your designs and detailed requirements to us, and we will either work on them or translate your envisioned ideas onto paper. 

2.Our aim is to supply you with materials that meet both your specifications and budgets to the best of our abilities. 

3.We will create prototypes of your furniture designs after contract confirmation, and hold a review session for approval before proceeding to bulk production. 

4.We have the ability to guarantee the quality of every item produced in our factory due to our control of both manufacturing and quality. 

5.We provide our facilities as a consolidation point for storage and shipping to avoid the inconvenience of handling products from various sources. We deliver to every corner of the globe. 

6.We provide a guarantee of more than 5 years for all of our manufactured products, which we believe reflects their quality.

hotel lobby furniture

modern hotel lobby furniture

luxury hotel lobby furniture

In the realm of hospitality, the hotel lobby serves as a captivating first impression for guests, setting the tone for their entire stay. Central to this ambiance is the carefully curated selection of hotel lobby furniture, with luxury hotel lobby furniture taking center stage in creating an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere.

Luxury hotel lobby furniture goes beyond mere functionality,it is an art form that combines comfort, style, and opulence to elevate the overall guest experience. From plush sofas and elegant armchairs to intricately designed coffee tables and statement lighting fixtures, every piece plays a pivotal role in crafting an environment that exudes refinement.

One of the key features of luxury hotel lobby furniture is the use of high-quality materials. Fine woods, sumptuous fabrics, and exquisite detailing are common characteristics that define the luxurious appeal of these furnishings. Craftsmanship is paramount, with artisans often employing traditional techniques to create timeless pieces that stand out in both design and durability.

The design philosophy behind luxury hotel lobby furniture often revolves around creating a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality. Furniture pieces are not just items to sit on; they are carefully chosen elements that contribute to the overall theme and branding of the hotel. This attention to detail extends to color palettes, textures, and even the strategic placement of each piece to enhance the flow and visual appeal of the lobby.

Moreover, luxury hotel lobby furniture often reflects the local culture, history, or a unique theme, providing guests with a sense of place. Whether it's a modern, minimalist design or a more ornate, classic style, the furniture serves as a canvas for the hotel's identity.

Ultimately, investing in luxury hotel lobby furniture is an investment in the guest experience. The ambiance created by these carefully selected pieces not only welcomes guests but also leaves a lasting impression, making the lobby an unforgettable space that sets the stage for the luxury and comfort they can expect throughout their stay. In the world of hospitality, where first impressions matter most, luxury hotel lobby furniture is a key element in creating a memorable and enticing arrival experience for guests.

hotel lobby furniture

modern hotel lobby furniture

luxury hotel lobby furniture

Foshan Maple Green furniture Co., Ltd,located in the famous "Furniture City",specializes in design, manufacture of hotel bedroom , restaurant and customized furniture. We have more than 30 years experience in producing hotel furniture.

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